Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charley's 6 month pictures

Another home photo shoot with fabulous results. Thanks Mom (and Mom's fancy slr camera)!

Charley had his 6 month appointment at shots yesterday.His stats are:
-- 17.12 lb- 55th %tile
-- 28 inches- 95th %tile
-- 18 cm head- 95th %tile
So his weight has leveled off some, when he was first born he was 95th on everything (possibly due to his warm and ice cream laden environment?) Doc says he is perfect!

Our photographer had an assistant, complete with a toy camera

eating sweet potatoes

Okay, enough pictures already!

For comparison, here is Tessa's 6 month photo. I don't care what they say, dressing up little girls really IS more fun.

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jillianaiden&declan said...

Love your assistant....great shot!!