Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Day Mommy

Friday was my birthday (only one more year until 30- ack!). Jeremy was in Korea so Mom came to spend two days with us and help celebrate. Jer got home very late on Friday night and we are busy busy packing up for our annual lake vacation which starts tomorrow.

We started our celebration with a trip to Meijer which isn't that exciting but Mom got a kick out of the mega-cart. I usually take Charley in the front carrier (and use a regular cart) but when the weather is super hot like this it makes me sweat! Tessa thinks she is pushing Charley when we use this cart and she holds on for dear life...
We played with Charley, who has become a pro at rolling over
We used our pass to go to the Children's Museum. Where else are you going to go when it's this hot? They have been totally re-doing the front part of the museum and it's a lot different from when I was there just a month ago. They were setting up for a re-opening gala that night and the opening of the King Tut exhibit. The place was all decked out.

The best thing about our trip to the museum is that she went without a diaper and stayed dry the whole time! They have little mini toilets there that she used 4 times.

Used to be that Tessa just chilled in the Playscape and rode the carosel and we were done. She has now discovered the coolest thing in the museum are the dinosaurs. She 'roared' at every one of them and would have been happy to stay in the dino exhibit all day. She even got a dino toy and book when we left.
Digging for dino eggs

Saying goodbye to the museum out of the parking lot window. She roared goodbye to the dinos like 100 times.
We made pizzas with Mamaw
Becky and David stopped by to drop off a present
Mamaw and Tessa made a cake. Notice Tessa's expert decoration skills

And Tessa and I danced to "Thriller" in honor of Michael Jackson

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