Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hanging in Mamaw's Garden

Our water heater went out on Saturday and yesterday Jeremy and our friend from church got down and dirty and fixed it. Jeremy informed me we'd have no water or gas (which means also no stove)for 6 hrs and I decided we were outta here!

So we went down and hung out at Mom's. She's on summer vacation right now. It was a nice day for Tessa to play outside, not too hot. We took the potty along and went three times and had two accidents....not a bad track record for our first full day outing.

When I got home the new water heater was installed and bonus it's a bigger tank so when we fill the garden tub in our bathroom we won't lose hot water for 2 hours after. Woohoo!

Charley's favorite thing right now, sucking on his hands.

We're working on the idea that y ou only sniff flowers, don't pull them. That also is a work in progress.
Aunt Becky happened to swing by on her way home from the doctors and got some Charley cuddle time.

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