Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bear Skin Baby, part 2

The other night Charley flopped over while I was changing him and waved his little jello butt at me. It was so cute but then I was hit with this overwhelming sadness that I couldn't remember Tessa's little baby toosh when it was so small and squishy.

I laid in bed and tried to remember her being this small and was so sad that I really couldn't. It seems like so long ago. As crazy as it makes me sound, I was really depressed for about a day. My babies are growing too fast and sometimes the days all seem to run together to a blur. I'm afraid of forgetting...but so thankful we have about a million pictures to remind us.

To cheer me up, Jeremy searched the blog until he found this entry from August of '07 when Tessa was Charley's age. Her little nakey jello butt is even featured : http://babybennington.blogspot.com/2007/08/ever-since-jeremys-sister-carrie-gave.html

In the interest of preserving memories, Charley and I recreated the same photo shoot last night.


Anonymous said...

What a happy little guy. Love this. Wow the two shoots are soo similar. Give them some zerberts for me! xoxo

erin said...

You're not crazy. Well not any more crazy than the rest of us. That just makes you a loving mama!Remember, there are great moments to remember when they are older too! :)

T2 said...

I didn't realize how much alike they look!

Eva said...

too freakin' cute!!!!