Sunday, June 07, 2009

Potty Training Update

Of course potty training is still underway but we are doing well. Today we went on our first diaper free outing to church. I got her some of those training panties that are basically double lined with fabric. I took her to the kids potty before and after service. She was excited to do that but didn't actually go, and had a little tinkly in her undies...not too bad.

She's had a couple of accidents throughout the week but not many. It's clear that she doesn't want to poo her pants cause when she can't make it in the potty, she will wait until naptime when she is wearing a diaper. The couple of times she accidents in her undies it did make her mad, which is good I think.

She likes to potty while watching Angelina Balerina but I'm trying to steer away from that a bit. We don't want her to become dependent on the tv to go potty. But she also likes to sit on her potty and read books, which is good.

Saturday I was able to sneak over to Buy Buy Baby for some supplies....some training panties, a piddle pad for the carseat, and a portable potty that folds up and you can also use plastic shopping bags with if you are out away from toilets.

It's a work in progress but doing well so far! This week I hope to get to stroller aerobics with no diapers (I'll use that piddle pad in the stroller as well) At least it's not too long so hopefully we can get there and back with no accidents, or maybe she'll use her porta potty in the back of the car. Wish us luck!


phasejumper said...

Good luck!

LeeandLoren said...

Good luck! Sounds like she's ready. My aunt had a portable potty b/c she was/is phobic of public restrooms, but one day lost her smallest girl while at the mall-she was found sitting on a men's urinal shouting, "Mommy, they have potties for when you go bye-bye!" So, now you know, if ever in a pinch, Tessa can use the men's restroom!

The Patterson Family said...

I'm all for portable potties! When Grace first was potty trained, we kept the "floor model" in the van and left the seat ring at home. It has come in handy many, many, times. One thing too, is that you know it is always cleaner than public restrooms!

Wishes for continued success!