Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ah yes that was me today you saw running (nay, waddling quickly) through Target with a diaper bag over my shoulder, a pumpkin seat swinging in one hand and a two year old on my hip.

Yes I temporarily ditched my cart including my Starbucks and all of the items I had precariously wedged around and under the pumpkin seat (because I didn't feel today like strapping on the carrier, and with two kids that leaves very little cart space)

Yes I did break out in a sweat, which I blame on the 90 degree weather and intense humidity, and of course the aforementioned load I was carting....okay and maybe a little bit on the extra 90lb I'm carrying.

You may have heard me repeating 'wait honey, we're almost there'...or 'not yet, not yet' and you definitely heard my diaper-less two year old shouting "POO POO!!"

My infant, you may have noticed, slept through the whole thing.

But the point is we made it on time. Yes there was poo poo in the potty at Target.


The Patterson Family said...

Way to go Tess!

Stephany said...

ahhh the first of many poo poos at Target I bet!!!

phasejumper said...

Wahoo! You made it!

erin said...

hahaha, oh pretty please won't you reinact this?? please!!! Congrats on the pooping adventure!