Thursday, June 04, 2009

Toddler Speak

Tessa has become quite the talker but sometimes I'm the only one who understands her. I remember when I was pregnant with Charley one of the little girls in our small group asking if the new baby would be able to speak Tessa's language. Some of the things she says are very clear, and some not so much.

I'm trying to think of good examples of Tessa Speak...

mookey mook- the white beverage she drinks alot
kidney!!- her prize for potty training, hint they have M's on them
Leena- her new fave tv show, Angeline Balerina
moo-ey and ka-korn- go together, usually in the afternoon when we are feeling lazy
Hayne and Sessie- the other small creatures that live here
Happy Day cake- applies to any kind of dessert, then she blows on it
rin-jins- those little dried up fruits that come in a box
Chippies!- the restaurant we sometimes go to for lunch, where she gets tuna sandwiches and baked lays

Other things she likes to say
C'mon, let's go
It's okay baby Charrrry
I see you Mommy (when playing peekabo)
I la you

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