Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blogger's Block

Not much to say this week or really to take picture of, so let me do a short rundown

--Tessa is doing great with pottying. We've been out alot more this week and she pottied at Mamaw's, church, and her friend Mattie's house. She's starting to get into pottying in different places. She's also really starting to click with telling us ahead of time when it's time to go. It's working!!!

-- Charley is fine...starting to watch us longingly when we eat. We're following the Super Baby Food book once again which suggests waiting until as close to 6 mo as possible and starting with veggies and fruit (no cereal). It worked so great for Tessa we're hoping to do it he needs to wait a little longer.

-- Because they were on 15% off sale we now have 23 boxes of tile for the upstairs bathroom and closet. That's right we will finally get that nasty carpet out of our bathroom. Whomever thought carpeting a bathroom was a good idea was wrong....old moldy water stains are gross. Jer is having his friend Patrick and Ron from church help tile in August. Patrick knows how to tile, so I'm counting on his guidance!

-- Our garden is coming on. I need to get a pic of the garlic, shallot and onion 'wing' cause it's just going NUTS right now. Seriously in a few weeks we are going to have over a hundred bulbs of garlic. I need to google how to braid and hang it. Other veggies are coming along too. Our flower beds love all this rain we've been getting and everything is beautiful right now.

-- I've been struggling with weight watchers alot more this time around. The weight is not 'falling off' like it did when I was nursing Tessa. But I've found that writing my points in my book before the day even starts is a great plan...I just glance at the book and it tells me exactly what to eat. I did that this week and lost 2.8. Hoping I can keep it up

--Many serious discussions around here about reigning in our budget and being more organized on where our money goes. Compounded by Pastor Doug's awesome message today about faith and finances, after which we've vowed to increase our tithing to the full 10%. Both of us feel really good about it...cutting the fat both literally and figuratively and counting on God's blessing in return!

-- Looking forward to our trip to the lake over 4th of July...our annual cheapo vacation! We have to take so much baby junk (crib, potty gear), I have serious doubts that Jer can fit all of his fireworks into the car. I think he's going to have to buy some when we get there.

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erin said...

Ahhh, the lake! Good times!