Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July

When you're a little bored cause the weather's got you down, there's nothing like a good switch-aroo to liven up the monotony. We did this in February with our 'pool party' and today was Christmas in July

I didn't want to dig too far into the Christmas boxes so I just grabbed a couple things that were right on top...our mini silver tree, and the Little People Nativity. Hobby Lobby also unbelievably had Christmas stuff out last week, which helped with our art projects. Add a little music, movies, and stories from the toddler bible and voila, it's Christmas!

I have a stash of toys that were given as gifts but have never been opened or played with. Why?...just such an occasion. Charley got a counting cookie jar, and Tessa finally got her doll Ergo carrier.

Tessa played with the nativity most of the day, and didn't want to share with Charley

It's hard to tell but that's french toast shaped as a tree, heart and boot. Oh well, I tried. Not nearly as good at food crafts as my friend Brittani.

We watched Emmit Otter and Elf

Tessa and I made Christmas cookies....

.....while Charley practiced spreading icing

.....and also worked on his abstract photography

Both kids painted some Christmas cards

And at the end of the day we read the story of Jesus' birth


sbswtp said...

I love it!!! So much fun :)

TLS said...

Ho Ho Ho.....How fun!!

phasejumper said...

How fun! This hot muggy weather is the only time I ever wish for snow!!Did you get any presents? Thanks for the "publicity", too!