Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pool Party

What to do when a major snowstorm has hit town, shutting everything down including dance lessons? If you have cabin fever like we did, get out the kiddy pool and swimsuits and pretend it's summer. Tessa loved it.

Don't worry, our house is warm
We found 4 pairs of sunglasses and several hats. I think more than anything she liked playing around with them.

Charley liked getting in and out of the pool over and over

We made fruit slushies, which Tessa also loved. Tip....Schwans sells individually packaged packs of fruit to use for smoothies or slushies. I know it's extra waste and money to buy prepackaged things, but sometimes so convenient.

Once Tessa got bored pretending to swim, she piled some pillows and blankets in the pool to curl up and watch Word World. At the end of the day we got in our garden tub and I let her keep her suit on. It's the little things that make a toddler happy.

Last week Elmo grew a bean plant by putting a kidney bean in a glass and watering a paper towel every day. To pretend that it's spring, we did the same thing!

On tomorrow schedule? Root canal for Mommy....much less fun.