Sunday, February 07, 2010

Men and Childbirth

Saturday morning Jeremy woke up bushy tailed at 6:15 saying that he had dreamt of a book he was going to write about natural (med free) childbirth. His first proposal was that it will empower women not to choose epidurals and risk unnecessary c-sections. Not a bad premise but not great either, given that his only training in the area of labor was our own two.

We revised his idea to instead be book written by a husband, for husband, on how to support your wife in natural birthing. That sounds a little better.

For his own protection I will not saying the two title ideas he proposed because frankly they are offensive to what is a very personal and difficult decision for women to make. I'm afraid that women everywhere would hear the title and start throwing bricks through our window.

Before Jeremy writes his book, I think he should try this experiment below. I love it that the guy only made it 3.5 hours before he begged for mercy, haha:

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