Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aunt Jessie is Here

...and we're having fun! We're trying to talk her into to moving in for a while to be our personal chef and assistant mommy.

So far she got to see Tessa at dance class, go with me to fitness class (after which she can vouch that it really is HARD), go grocery shopping, eat some good food, drink some wine and of course play with the munchkins.

I wasn't around for either event, but Jess swears that Charley walked four steps and said the word 'bucket'. I'm skeptical, but I do know that he is absolutely in love with her. While he was nursing himself to sleep tonight he kept looking across the room and waving at her, until he was too sleepy to hold his hand up.

More fun tomorrow!


TLS said...

Stay longer Jessie!!!!!

phasejumper said...

Awww...the nursing/waving story was so sweet!

LeeandLoren said...

I love how she's so tastefully covering his lil' winkie!