Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can I Just Get Dentures?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a hunk of my molar falling into my chewing gum. I had it checked out and not surprisingly the dentist said it was starting to absess and I was on deck to have my second root canal.

The first one was several years ago and ended up getting infected due to a freaky fourth root that was hiding and was left behind to fester. Crazy but true, and I had to have a scary sounding dental surgery called apicoectomy while 7 months pregnant with Charley. Fun fun.

Flash forward to yesterday. Different tooth, same Endodontist. After two hours of tugging on my mouth and shaking his head, he declares that he cannot finish the root canal before my numbness wears off. He explained that he was able to finish 3 of the roots, but the 4th one was strangely shaped...bulbous instead of long and straight, with little baby branches coming off of it.

He said he CAN take care of it but that he doesn't know how long it will take. So they scheduled me to go in again tomorrow at the end of their work day and try again. This time he will know what he's in for and can take as long as he needs cause I'm the last appointment.

That's right, I am once again plagued by a freaky fourth root.

Who has these kinda problems? Me of course.

Because of the nerve that's left I'm in a lot of pain today but unable to take the 'good drugs' because Jer's out of town. And wouldn't you know, the law requires you to be conscience during childcare.

When I went in for my exam the regular dentist noted that my tooth quality has greatly declined in the past couple of years. He asked if I had any changes to my medical history...diseases or medication.

I don't have any diseases but I do have two parasites, Tessa and Charley, and the dentist wondered if all the puking and heartburn associated with pregnancy wore away at the enamel on my teeth. So he gave me some prescription tooth paste. Yes, they make such a thing.

So while the kids continue to literally suck the life out of me, I can only pray that my Endodontist is successful tomorrow. Please not another apecoectomy in store. That was not fun the first time.


jillianaiden&declan said...

OMGosh, we have the SAME teeth (only I have had about 8 of those darn root canals and have had a darn extra or two extra roots with each one!!)
I actually get sedated now (not gas but full on iv sedation) and they are able to do it a little quicker and I don't have to be aware of the whole procedure!!
Uggghhh, I feel for you -- good luck!

phasejumper said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear that. I haven't been to the dentist in over 4 years, but have to make an appointment today because a piece of my back tooth fell off! It doesn't hurt (yet) but better safe than sorry. I've heard it from other people, too that having kids messes up your teeth. (Of course, my daily pop and sweet tea might have played a role also....)

erin said...

they suck the life out of you in more ways than one! you know i wasn't allergic to anything except latex until after i had tim. he literally changed my chemical make-up. not to mention my hormones started inducing migraines. can't wait to see what avi has in store for me :) your not alone mama! i feel your pain!

Cindy said...

I had a tooth with 4 roots too, which required 2 root canals, the 2nd one through the crown. Are you getting a crown too? I HATE TOOTH PAIN!

Anonymous said...

IMPLANTS it's the only way to go. I've had 12 root canals, also have extra roots as you do. Some of my root canals have failed, which led me to my first round of implants. They are more expensive up front and insurance considers them cosmetic. Implants are the only teeth in my head that don't hurt. And the crowns on implants look much more natural then crowns on root canals. Can you tell how many of my teeth are implants?? Most people can't, without an xray.