Monday, February 15, 2010

Artic Hunters

Hayden was hunting for a treat I threw in the snow, but gave up. I've heard that some dogs like the snow, but that is most definitely not true here. Our dogs are such wimps. They prefer a perfect 70 degree setting with no precipitation.

I do love winter and snow, but even I am ready to say 'uncle'. After digging out from last week's blizzard which canceled both dance lessons and my root canal, we've gotten another 6 inches today. We've still been getting out some, but trying to juggle two kids while not falling on the ice isn't always worth the effort. So cabin fever is in full swing.

To beat the fever, Jeremy (who has prez day off) and Tessa headed to Lowe's to get some paint to begin the reconstruction of the dollhouse Grampie and Grammie got her for Christmas. More on that later when I can get some more good pics!

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