Sunday, February 21, 2010

Erin's Turn

Flash back in time to three years ago this February and Erin was throwing me a baby shower...

...flash forward to yesterday and it's finally my turn! Erin is not a first time parent but since her son is now 12, it's like starting a whole new adventure.

We had a nice little party with just some family and few friends. And cupcakes! Can you believe this was the first batch of cupcakes I've ever made?

ah fresh flowers, what a nice treat in the dead of winter

The vase has an "A" for Aviana. Her middle name will be Loren after yours truly. Yes my first namesake before age 30, not too shabby.

A nice brunch spread was enjoyed by all

The happy couple, Erin and Rafe

Every shower has to have at least one cheesy game. Since I had a surplus of paper plates from Tessa's art supplies, we played a game where everyone had to hold a plate on their head and draw a picture of Erin with her big pregnant belly.

it seemed to be a hit
Sadly we didn't get a pic of any of the artwork. Drawing on your head produces some interesting interpretations.

Tessa and Olivia gave it a shot

not surprisingly Tessa ended up with marker on her face

Tessa, Olivia and Charley all helped with the unwrapping

Mom took about 75 pics of Olivia and Tessa on the stairs, not one of which had them both looking with their tongues tucked in.

Charley showed off his walking skills with his train

these two are skinny and pregnant at the same time, not fair

See this is why men don't typically come to showers. Those are tea strainers meant to be party favors, that Jeremy is using as earrings....and then trying to clip them on Dad. Men!

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The Patterson Family said...

What wonderful pictures! I wish I could have been there. I'm glad all went well!