Thursday, February 11, 2010

All is Well at the Well Check

We took Charley in for his one year well check today and he is perfection!

22lbs- 75%tile
31 in- 75%tile
and 90%tile on head circumference

Doc said he should be saying 1-3 small words by now and he's not, so he'll check his language again at the 15 month appointment. He said his standing and walking (assisted) looks right on target. He got three shots but was so distracted by the latex glove balloon that he hardly cried.

Tessa was along as my helper. I think it's so cute how much she loves our pediatrician. She said she was going to hug and kiss him but when he came in the room she played shy. She did inform him during the exam that Charley had both a baby butt and baby penis, information I'm sure was important to his doctoring abilities.

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