Friday, March 09, 2012

Ode To Chick Fila

We love Chick Fila and let me list the reasons why, in no particular order:

--It is the cleanest fast food joint on the planet

--Eventhough it's fast food,  the servers bring your food to your table, refill you drinks and offer you mints. Sweet sweet melty after dinner mints. 

--Chick Fila has delicious fried chicken but also many great healthy choices that make me feel less guilty. I mean check out the fresh beauty of Charley's fruit cup....

--If we are lucky enough to score prime real estate right in a table next to the playland, I can take hours to eat my lunch while the kids play and play. It's not that I like cold chicken strips, I just like idea of them....taking my sweet time. Last week I took a magazine. Oh yes I did. 

--The playland is exceptionally clean and appropriately safe for little kids. Nobody is going to fall from the top of the slide and break and arm while Mom is reading her magazine. 

--Chicken tortilla soup

--They will gladly sub in coleslaw instead of fries for your kid's meal, but always double the little girl wants coleslaw? Yes, yes she does....
 --They are closed on Sundays so that their staff can go to church. It's a Christian run company so they also support alot of local churches with coupons and such, and sometimes have Veggie Tales loot in the kids meals. 

-- They serve Diet Dr. Pepper. A restaurant rarity. 

-- And most awesome of all. If the toy in the kids meal is some cheap thing that the kids could care less about, they can turn it in for a free generously portioned ice cream with sprinkles. Or if like today, they meals include can keep one book to read and turn in one book for ice cream. IF you are willing to share nicely in the car. 

(not sharing nicely may have resulted in me slamming on the brakes and dumping the ice cream. Just sayin'...)

--And if you spend long enough in the Chick Fila playland and eat enough ice cream,  you might just slip into a car coma....

We also seems to almost always run into someone we know there as well. Today we ran into some friends from church and ended up staying like 2.5 hours. Tessa also ran into a girl from her preschool class who joined the fray and played a while too. 

Speaking of community, Chick Fila was also setting up what looked like a castle and moat for one of their Friday night events. I'm just guessing, it was probably like prince and princess night tonight or something. So that's one more thing...they do cool stuff.

Oh and Chick Fila sauce is the bomb. Okay I'm done, I swear.