Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fancy Footwear

Since I approaching the 6 month anniversary of my foot surgery (surge-versary?), I thought it was time to buy some new shoes.

I was cleared to walk in shoes in mid-December and have since been living in my tennis shoes, a pair of $14 knock off ugg boots, and a pair of orthopedic crocs that my Mom lent me (aka the world's ugliest shoes).

Nothing else from my shoe collection fits my left foot, not even my precious cowboy boots. My foot is bigger for sure, but mostly in a thickness kinda way rather than wideness. Meaning those titanium screws are taking up too much room, especially in shoes that are tight across the top.

So we headed to the Walking Company at the mall only to discover that that store has closed. Von Maur was a good second choice. The lady measured my robo-foot a full size bigger than what I already own, which is not a surprise. I also discovered that anything that fit snuggly across the middle of the foot just won't work. Like the fabulous sandals I tried on. All the other fabulous sandals go in between your toes and that simply won't work either. Alot of the nerves down there are still super sensitive. There are a couple of toes I still just can't touch.

A summer without fabulous sandals. Sigh. I love sandals. I am the sandal queen of Greenwood. I wear them any time there is not snow on the ground.

Luckily I found several style of Keen sandals that close around the ankle, which may have to be my sandal style of choice. They are the ones on the left.

You can see I also settled on a funky pattern of athletic style slip ons, and a semi-fancy (aka fancy enough for my world) black Mary Janes. My friend Erin used to say I'm addicted to Mary Janes. Luckily with these pairs I still can be. Shew. I though I was losing my shoe-dentity.

In my realm of reality, the money I spent on these three pairs of shoes is borderline certifiable. I don't believe in spending more than $40 on a pair of shoes.

My wedding shoes were $30.

And  yet here I am. An old lady with back problems and a titanium filled foot. What choice do I have?

Now it's time to bag up my 30+ pairs of other shoes that will never fit again, and dole them out to some family members who wear the same size. There's no point in them collecting dust around here.

Simplifying. Upgrading. Walking Comfortably. 

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