Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walk it Off

On Wednesday mornings there is an 8:30am Zumba class that I like to get to. But sometimes we just don't get there. Especially since Mondays and Tuesdays are the 'busy days' for the kids and they can be hard to pry out of bed on Wednesday mornings. So can I sometimes.

So this morning we walked instead. My foot keeps getting stronger and stronger with these walks. Especially when pushing 80 lbs in a double stroller...

They usually sit without complaint. Usually, but not always. I typically don't bring toys or electronic games or anything with us. Sometimes snacks. But I think it's a good skill for them to be able to ride along and just look at the scenery without needing extra stimulation. I feel the same way about the car. I think alot of kids today 'need' something to entertain them all the time.

Okay I'm off my soapbox.

I actually do have a box of soap upstairs. Anyway.

When we get back to our street, they are allowed to run free!

Hey that's our house. We like it. 

After 25 minutes of walking while pushing 80lbs  in 80 degree weather I look like this.

So since I was sweaty we stayed out and pulled weeds. They are EVERYWHERE. So are ants. Guess it's summer already! 

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