Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The New Routine

(JB writing) We're finding our new stride in the Bennington house. PTL for healing and patience (Laura, the kids, the dogs, JB's work, etc.). 

For those of you not following on FB Laura had surgery on Friday to repair the damage that stepping on Thomas The Train did.  This involved four screws in her foot to fuse the bone where the ligaments were torn off!   Friday had pain "as bad as natural child birth w/o drugs," unfortunately Laura was on pain meds and it wasn't cutting it.  By the grace of God we had some from a previous surgery and it got things under control until Monday when her doctor was back in the office.

The new routine is setting in.  Simple tasks like getting to the restroom are the most difficult, but teamwork helps.  The kids have been amazing through all of this; they have been trained up well by their mom and are showing amazing faith in God for little tikes.

Between pre-school, dance lessons, family and friends I am still able to get a lot of work done.  I'm able to work most meeting around when we have coverage and the rest is just getting things done whenever I can.  Then on to Mr. Mom tasks.   While I am tired, I am at the same time filled with thanksgiving that He will get us through this test...and maybe even enjoy parts of it!

We're looking forward to my Dad, Barbara and their pups coming in to town for two week this Sunday!  

Here's a few pictures from the past week of adventures.

Laura's new hardware!

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