Friday, September 16, 2011

So here's the Deal

Rather than re-write the story I've been telling is the news on my foot, copied from an email I sent out to family:

So you guys remember two weeks ago when I fell on a Thomas the Train and thought I tore or damaged at tendon?

I've been wearing a space boot for 2 weeks and had my appt with an Ortho yesterday. He did what is called a stress xray which translates to OUCH! He held my foot on the xray table and contorted it in all kinds of strange ways to get a view of what it looked like when I was writhing in pain (with both of the kids sitting on a stool in the next room watching, haha)

Anyway, I actually busted (or 'blew out') is what he said, the ligaments on the top of my foot.

So far my explanation hasn't been very good but there are several small rounds joint bones between your big toe and your ankle. Well mine are disconnected from the rest of the bones of the foot, and you can see very clearly a big gap where they are supposed to be held together by ligaments. He kept showing me my good foot and bad one on xray. It was like here's a normal's a foot with a huge gap where the bones are seperated.

So I have to have surgery, there is no other option. They will place 4-5 screws there to 'fuse' the bones back together. And the worst part of all...two weeks of elevation, then NO WEIGHT BEARING for two months (meaning crutches or walker/scooter only) , followed by two months in the walking cast and physical therapy.

That's the part that gets me right now. I could care less about pain and sugery, but I can't stand or walk on it for two months. I'm assuming I will get crutches or a walker or whatever to manuever around the house. I figure if I have crutches I can take the kids to school, and I can use the electric scooter at the grocery store. But I'm a SAHM....what about my normal activities like doing laundry, babysitting, cooking dinner, taking the kids to the zoo and library.

It's not like I'm soooo worried about the laundry. I have a perfectly capable husband, and a pile of laundry's not the end of the world. But I'm worried about my mental state without doing the things that I consider to be 'productive'. I mean it's basically like if I were working a 'real' job that requires you to be on your feet...I would lose my job or go on disability.

I know I can't sit around and watch tv for two months. That's just not going to work. I'm working on a bucket list of things I can do, projects I can start and fun activities for the kids. Any great ideas? Book suggestions?

Today I scheduled my surgery for Friday the 23rd. Mom will be here for three days, then Jeremy will do his best to manage the week after that, then Grammie and Grampie arrive (complete with rescue dogs!) for two weeks starting on 10/2. We are so blessed to have such great help and support! I know I will need some babysitting that first week after surgery on Wed (the 28th) and Fri (the 30th) so that Jeremy can work. Anybody interested?

Thanks for all your prayers and support and love.

Jeremy reminded me yesterday: Cor 10:13 (MSG) No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he'll never let you be pushed past your limit; he'll always be there to help you come through it

Since I wrote this I've been hard at work getting my ducks in a row, as well as celebrating Dad's 60th birthday and Marshall-ness down in North Vernon.

I've come up with a list of things to do next week pre-surgery:
- major grocery shop
- make a couple more lasagnas to freeze
- visit hobby lobby to get some crafts for myself, and a lap board
- clean out the car (so the G's won't be grossed out by it)
- wash comforter and guest room comforter
- get my hair done, possibly with teal streaks
- go to dance class with the kids
- go to the park and other places outside with the kids
- set up my nightstand and drawers with snacks, books and crafts
- buy a couple of new pillows for the bed

These are my plans post surgery, particularly the first two weeks when I have to be laying in bed:
- start every day reading the bible, and do the 'experiencing God' bible study with my friend Jenn.
- read the chronicles of Narnia
- read other books (suggestions?)
- play words with friends with everybody I know
- pick a tv series I've never seen and download the whole thing (suggestions?)
- do some painting, maybe corn syrup painting
- maybe cross-stitch or teach myself crochet
- use the scrap book paper I have in our stuff to make the kids origami swans
- write cards and letters
- Christmas shop online

What have I missed? I'm open to any and all ideas. I hope I can use this time in a constructive and uplifting way. But no doubt there will be TV....lots of TV.


Abbie said...

Ooh play me Laura!! princessabbie30

Amanda said...

Well, crap, Laura. This really sucks! I am so sorry.

If you need someone to watch the kids, I may be able to do it. I know that we are not local and they don't know us, but if you can't find someone else, I'm here. (Humming "that's what friends are for")

As far as reading, if you like Fantasy, you might try Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series... there are about 10 books and it is pretty good. The first one is called "they eye of the world". Do you think you could splurge for a Kindle? I love mine. If you have wireless internet and an amazon account, you can browse the e-book store and purchase books right from the device.

If you are feeling super crafty, you might try woodcarving. There is a whole community of people (including myself) who carve little wooden dolls called Hitty. (

TV Series - I LOVE "Firefly", "The 10th Kingdom", and the old "Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends"

I am praying for you. Please let me know if there is anything you need and I really mean that.

Jersey Mama said...

Have you seen the tv show "Psych"? We are watching it on Netflix right now. It is a murder mystery show but in a sort of lighthearted manner. We're really enjoying it.

Love, Strength, Hope said...

uggghhhh! how is the healing????

I liketo re-read classics -- Grapes of Wrath, Old Man in the Sea, My Antonia, The Outsiders!!!

Hope you are on the mend!!