Monday, September 05, 2011

Charley's Room- aka the Library

I had to show off our new piece of furniture. I got it when a friend alerted me to an online sale... 1/3 the original price and no shipping. Woot woot!

We needed a bookshelf (as opposed the the pile of books stacked against Tessa's bed that she called her 'library') But what I really love is that they can SEE the fronts. Brilliant! Digging through stacks can be a pain and since, ya know, they can't read what's written on the spine....this is perfect!

Note the hook on the side to hang our library book bag. Genius right? I've recently become addicted to 3G sticky hooks and laminate paper but that's another post entirely...

This bad boy moved into Charley's room along with the white book shelves that were already there.

We put these up when I was pregnant with Tessa. In my naivety I though this would be enough space to house all the kid's books we might ever own. Silly girl.

So since Charley is now the owner of all the books (well almost all, there's a pile in the living room too) and his room also houses Gramaw's comfy chair. I now dub him a future librarian!

...but will there BE libraries in the future, there in lies the question...

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phasejumper said...

I hope there will be libraries!! I much prefer holding and turning actual pages than reading digital!