Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Papaw the Grand Marshall

So this is what it's like to be the daughter of a bona-fied celebrity. Not only were my parents stars of the home and garden tour, Dad's the new superintendent of Jennings County which made him a prime candidate to be the Grand Marshall of this year's homecoming parade.

I'm glad this happened while I am still mobile. (After next week I will no longer be mobile, but that's another post that I don't have the energy to write right now). So the kids and I hopped in the car and drove down to NV.

We rearranged our normal Wednesday plans cause...we weren't going to miss this!

Charley and Tessa all ready to go. Tessa couldn't quite figure out what a parade was. She asked if we were going to see clowns and elephants. I think she was thinking of the circus.

They figured it out pretty quick though. Parade= CANDY!

See that orange Corvette with the dashing figure atop it? The Grand Marshall!

I giggled the whole time. I'm not laughing AT you Dad....just laughing at a member of our family being such a celebrity. TWO members actually, cause every Grand Marshall need a Grand Lady, you know.

Mom took a picture of us taking a picture of them. This was their cheering section. Hey Papaw!....I mean Your Marshall-ness!

So much fun. A great afternoon down home, catching candy, waving and visiting a bit.


Cindy said...

Nice post Laura! Don't you just love those small town parades? Noah will be in the Beech Grove festival parade this Saturday. Throwing candy of course!

phasejumper said...

Love it! I feel famous just by KNOWING you guys!