Friday, September 09, 2011

I Ain't to Proud to Beg

You all remember the TLC video with the giant sunglasses

You're welcome.

Moving on. I'm here to ask you to buy stuff and I ain't proud to beg. Mostly because it support the kids, their dance studio and anyone anywhere can participate!

Because I'm too lazy to re-type, here's the email I sent out to few people this morning....

Well first let me say that I hate fundraisers because EVERYBODY has one. So if any of you are currently selling something too, let me know! But yes I am selling cookie dough again this year to pay for dance recital costumes. And as you may know, we now have two kids in dance class so I have double the funds to raise. Our cost for recital costumes will equal about $200 this year, but Tippy Toes is very generous and gives us $4 off for every single item we sell. All other proceeds go to the Indianpolis Youth Ballet (Tippy Toes mother studio)

And this year they also offered that they will put your name in a raffle if you sell more than 20 items. Raffle winnings?.... a full year's dance tuition paid!!

So yes, I'm asking you to buy stuff :)

Now locally I am selling frozen cookie dough from both the Cookie Factory and Mrs. Fields. This year they also added Auntie Annes frozen pretzel and pretzel dogs, which I personally am very excited about. So those are great and I will hand deliver to your door.

But, what I did not know until a little bit ago is that those of you who live many many miles away can participate too. You can purchase over the internet!! And since frozen cookie dough doesn't ship well there are all sorts of other stuff like wrapping paper, candy, candles, jewelry and great magazine prices.

I'll direct you to the website to browse and shop. I'll admit this website kinda sucks so bare with it...
click participant
User ID: FZE8693
Password: 658693
click 'shop' then 'go shopping"
Buy anything from the 'red apple' company.

Locals who want the cookie dough, just let me know what you're interested in. They have every flavor under the sun.

Deadline for ordering is October 4th for frozen cookie dough, November 21st for all the online stuff.

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sbswtp said...

Good Luck!!! We also sell cookie dough for dance... (Otis Spunkmyer) ... Looking at about $300 in costume fees here (Ryleigh is in a lot of dance classes...and Braeden started this year)... I am going to share your blog post on my facebook page... you never know!!! :-)