Friday, September 30, 2011

Hanging with the Fam, Post Surgery

Hey it's me, the blog author! Didn't you like Jeremy's post the other day about life post- surgery in our house? Good job keeping the blog alive!

It has been crazy indeed but honestly not that bad. My surgery was one week ago today which means that I have been in a bed-ridden foot-elevated-above-my- heart state for a week, with one more week to go. Half way baby! (well half way to crutches and wheelchair, which surely will prove to be much perhaps I shouldn't celebrate yet)

Everyone knows I'm good at being lazy so that's no problem, but it still does get boring around here. I've watched all of the new fall shows, read a little, and played on my iPad alot. Now that I'm coming out of a drug induced stupor a little bit, I'm hoping to do more crafts and fun stuff in the week ahead.

During the day the kids go to school or friend's houses. (THANK YOU friends who are babysitting), while I sleep and chill. Then in the evening we all have dinner up here, thanks to a handy dandy card table Jeremy brought up, and hang out together.

Tessa and I also started reading A Wrinkle in Time a few days ago. It's a 'big book' and pretty much over her head, but at the same time she likes it and having a big book makes her feel special.

Last night I tried to lead the family in some exercises. Jess had helped me find upper body workouts for handicapped people and I thought the kids might like to do it know 'fly', and 'box'.

Man, between Charley running around naked, Tessa dancing and stopping for water, and Jeremy's incessant complaining about how out of shape his arms's a surprise we even got through it.

Charley prefers to exercise naked. Because....he's Charley. My kids really love nudity.

Tessa and I tried to do some nail art. Mine are supposed to be clouds...see it? Tessa had pink polka dots that mostly smudged up. Nail art requires much longer drying time, hard for four year olds.

I got Jeremy a 'thank you for emptying my chamber pot' gift (one of many I'm sure). He loves Sriracha!

There's the dinner table. We don't typically watch TV during meals at all, but who can resist when you're already laying in bed? Reruns of the best show on TV.

This is my virtual Smurf village, which I really really love. I mean really. You have to build the town, plant the crops, keep the Smurfs happy and healthy, and move things wherever you want them. I love that it gives me something to 'care for' and feel important. And the kids like it too.

Charley calls them Narfs. So every time he greets me, it's....Hi MOMMY! How you? How me NARFS doing?

The Narfs have several games within the game. Charley does the hammering one.

And Tessa does the painting one.

And that's what we've been doing. I'm hoping tonight or tomorrow that Tessa and I can attempt making scarves out of old Tshirts. So I'm in alot of pain, and I'm bored, but I'm also blessed. Trying to enjoy my family and my constraints the best I can.

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phasejumper said...

Looks like you are making the best of it! Love that you are all exercising together! Can't wait to see how the scarves work out-I want to make some, too! I had another idea for you to do (what I would do if I was stuck in bed)- get caught up on picture albums (printing, labeling etc.)...