Friday, October 07, 2011

Frankenfoot and Pie

Things on the home front are holding steady, and improving every day. Grammie and Grampie arrived from Boulder last week just in time for Jeremy to go on a business trip. Since I was still on bed-rest at that time, they had some work cut out for them taking care of both me and the kids. I have to say they are FABULOUS caretakers...they are fun and willing to help, as well as very good cooks. Do you think I could convince them to move in?

Even more hours spent sitting on my butt in bed since my last blog post, doing much of the same thing. TV, naps, occasional crafts, and caring for the smurf village. Then yesterday was big 2 week post- op appointment. The doc was very please with my incision, my x-ray and prognosis, and he released me from bed-rest.

Look out world. I'm hobbling back into reality!

So still no weight bearing for 6 more weeks, meaning life isn't exactly about to get alot easier. So far it's not too bad. Really the big challenge is figuring out how to maneuver things like the stairs, getting into the car and not tripping over sleepy golden retrievers.

I'm alot more lucid than I was a week or so ago since I'm taking less pain meds, so I suppose you'll be hearing alot more from me on here and FB. Note that I said MORE lucid...not totally.

Here's a random sampling of update pictures.....
I had 12 staples on the top of my foot and 6 on my calf. They took an x-ray before the staples were out and these along with the 4 permanent screws inside, made the x-ray tech exclaim that it looks like I 'fell in a hardware store'. Yup.

More fun with nail polish. Polka dots!

Last week Jeremy picked up 10 pie pumpkins just to use whenever, so we have a stockpile. You know in case of a pie-free apocalypse. The G's made us one tonight, yum!

I love the autumnal still life in the kitchen.

And I love this thing, my new best friend. I just got it this evening but I can already tell we are going to be very close. I can get around the house SO easily. Any suggestions on what I should name my scooter??


Jersey Mama said...

Yay for being up and around! And, are those Feista plates I see in the pie picture? I love love love Fiestaware! I have like twenty place settings in all different colors along with much other stuff. It makes me happy. :)

No suggestions for the scooter name, though. If I come up with something amazingly clever I'll be back. lol

family update said...

Daisy from Driving Miss Daisy movie.Or since it's close to Halloween it could be called the Bat Mobile =)

phasejumper said...

Maybe you could name it "Neil" (kneel, get it!) ha ha ha