Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thankfulness Tree, part Two

Last year we made a Thankfulness Tree with Rachel and Joshua, and then never got around to making our own. I wanted to rectify that this year and make it an annual fall tradition.

It's pretty simple. Just take some tree branches from your yard, strip what is left of their real leaves, and cut some purty ones out of paper. I just happened to have purty scrapbook paper, even though I don't scrapbook.

The kids helped me come up with ideas of things that they are thankful for. I love their responses. Charley very clearly said "cereal with milk and sugar"....his favorite meal.

It makes a pretty fall piece for our new art table......
...which is actually just our old kitchen table moved to a different spot! Now it will be perfect for doing arts and crafts and someday homework.

And we are the proud owners of Mom and Dad's cherry table. The are re-doing the layout of their kitchen and offered it to us. It's in such nice condition that I had to go searching for place-mats. We're not used to eating on such fancy furniture! It was custom made when I was a kid, using cherry wood from our family farm.

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