Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Tree

We started with some branches, preferably with lots of little offshoots for hanging. Some branches from our lilac bush worked perfectly. I had the girls remove all of the real leaves. They liked doing that.

Then they gave me ideas of things they are thankful for. I told them it could be anything, and tried to write them down just as they said them, which is why one says "I am happy when I get to eat pasta", too! I also like 'my shirt' and bananas.

I used some twine to tie the leaves on . This was seriously was the easiest art project ever. This one was made by Josh and Rachel and goes home with them. We'll have to work on making ours sometime too.

While I was doing the more adult parts of this projects (like tying the leaves on), the girls entertained themselves with the twine.