Monday, November 29, 2010

Cookies in My Jar #7- Simple Cookies, Simple Mistake

I thought I'd keep it simple this week after all of the extravagant Thanksgiving eating. Next week I'll get back to trying some fun holiday cookies. Am I brave enough to do cut sugar cookies with frosting? We'll see. Last time I tried that (from scratch) it was a disaster.

Simple Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chippers. Anyone else out there have to pronounce Nestle Tollhouse with a french accent like Phoebe on Friends? Anyone?

Oh no, my cookies are puffy and round instead of flat and gooey. This is supposed to be simple, how could I have messed up? Baking POWDER instead of baking SODA. And this folks, is why I am not a great baker.

Isn't it amazing how on teaspoon of something can affect the whole batch? I'm sure there's a life metaphor in there.

But we kept them. The flavor is fine. Jeremy said I need to be better at masking my mistake by saying something like....look honey I tried a new puffy cookie recipe!

This week's recipe can be found right here...

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Katie Anderson said...

LOL on Phoebe's french accent! :)