Thursday, November 04, 2010

In Recovery

Jeremy had sinus surgery yesterday morning and this is pretty much what our house has looked like since then. Lots of sleeping, lots of tv and lots of pain meds.

His procedure went really well and was what the doctor described as a 'roto-rooter'. They removed excess tissue that was causing some blockages and air bubbles and also fixed his deviated septum by removing cartilage. All of this will make him be able to breathe much better. Less colds, less sinus infections, and hopefully less medication.

I had a very similar procedure done 12 years ago and I am amazed at how technology has changed. I keep telling him that his has it which is responds with a death glare. Mainly they no longer pack the nose with long strips of painful cotton packing. Also the technology has changed so there is very minimal bleeding.

Where was this new age stuff when I was 18 with blood and cotton spewing from my nose?

Oh well, since both of my childbirth recoveries were very easy, I should shut my mouth.

Mom was here to help with the kids and also spoiled them with fun treats....jello, s'mores and pigs in a blanket. She even made us chicken and flat dumplins last night. Yum yum.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. I think in a couple of days he will be getting back to normal. Right now is the hardest part cause he feels like he's been kicked in the head with a steel boot.

Tessa, the dogs and I are babying him...while we trying to keep Charley from climbing on his head. Sadly, I think this has been kind of nice. He's grounded from flying, with no big projects to distract and I get to take care of him which never happens. Ultimate peace and quiet in our house, ahhhh.

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