Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cheater Cookies and Runzas

Between Jeremy feeling crappy and a few visitors here and there, last week's batch of kitchen sink cookies didn't even make it the full week.

That's okay though because on Saturday I had to go pick up the frozen cookie dough from Tessa's dance fundraiser. For every box we sold, a portion went to her recital costs. So of course we bought some as well. I mean if we have to pay either way, we might as well get the costumes AND the cookie dough right?

So I popped some in the oven for Jeremy who I later found eating the frozen ones. I know I baked some cookies right? His was, I like them better raw. Sheesh. I'm not going to lie though, that's how most of last year's got consumed as well.

You can tell they are cheater cookies when they are perfectly symmetrical
And perfectly golden brown. Something's wrong with this cookie picture.

Speaking of cooking, I am trying and trying to get better at seeing the ingredients we have and knowing what I can make with it. This is a long time challenge of mine. But last night I made a pretty tasty turkey noodle soup using some leftover turkey. I was pretty proud of it(and the fact that Jeremy was not involved).

Some friends of mine were talking about something I had never heard of, a runza. It's basically meat and cabbage stuffed in some kind of dough. Like an all-American pork bun.

Jeremy had requested pigs in a blanket post surgery and I had an extra can of croissants leftover from that.....and a head of cabbage from produce delivery...and ground turkey in the freezer! I could make runzas!

Now that I've done it and seen how easy they were to make and super tasty, this is going to become a house regular.

That's diced onion, cabbage, ground turkey, salt and pepper

Tessa liked the filling part so much she sat and ate a bowl of it while they were baking.

So I used two croissants per runza and stuffed them with the filling. Bake until golden brown. Drool, slobber, enjoy. Do I have pictures of the final product?, they disappeared too fast.


phasejumper said...

I've never heard of a runza...did you have to cut all that cabbage by hand? Seems kinda similar to halushki (bacon instead for the meat, served with noodles instead of in a bun...). I think I might try it using cole slaw mix. Signed, Too lazy to cut cabbage

sherri_hartman11 said...

Runzas rock!! My mom used to make them when we were growing up and she called them German burgers (not sure why). We make them with worchestershire sauce and cheese...mmmmm! We even tried them once with whole wheat frozen dough. Now I need to add them to the menu soon!

Anonymous said...

I tried these just the way you said and it is fantastic.It will make it on my menu regularly. Thanks. your cousin
Amanda U.