Monday, November 01, 2010

How Could I Resist?

While shopping at Meijer today, I picked Tessa up a couple of clearance costumes to play dressup with. A cheerleader and princess, both only $2.49 each. Gotta love the day after Halloween. And there was Christmas stuff being put out, yay!

This caught my eye, literally being stocked by a Meijer employee as I walked by. The complete Charlie Brown Christmas Pageant set! Holy Monkey. They are plastic like "Little People" and comes with a cardboard stage.

Yes I realize that I just bought the kids a new toy last week, the Singa-majigs.....but how could I NOT buy this? After this I swear, I'm gaining some control (although the Little People Thanksgiving set has been taunting me).

Just look at it. All of the characters, even Woodstock as baby Jesus.

Even a little sign!

Tessa played with it forever. Yes there's already a Christmas thing out in my house. And now that it's November I have free reign to play Christmas music too. Tis the Season!

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TLS said...

OK...I'll be stopping by Meijer's!!