Monday, November 22, 2010

You Should See the Other Kid

She looks MUCH better than I thought she would today. It's hard to see the bruising in this picture but the bridge of her nose is still pretty swollen and blue.

Nothing like some blood spilled at church on a beautiful Sunday morning. Yesterday in her Sunday School class, Tessa ran face first into the edge of a counter. Jeremy was called out of service to console her and when she couldn't calm down, they came on home.

The worst thing is that she was screaming for me and I feel so guilty, I wasn't there. In the interest of honesty I'll tell you exactly where I was.

I had had a little too much wine on my at-home date night with Jeremy Saturday night and was suffering from a splitting headache.

Jeremy said there was alot of blood and Tessa kept screaming "I want my MOM!". Church friends eager to help asked Jeremy where I was and if they could go find me. Where was mommy? home with a hangover.

Grumble. I feel really guilty.

You have to understand that since I'm home with them every day, I very rarely miss anything. I've kissed every boo boo, comforted every nightmare, wiped every dirty diaper. So for me to be MIA during a time that I was really needed is a little hard to swallow.

Furthermore, I have a personal rule against drinking wine on a Saturday night for this very reason. I want to be clear and energetic for church. In case you're wondering how many glasses of wine it takes to put me in a stupor.....two.

In the end everything was fine. Jeremy called me on their way home and I met her at the door with a bag of frozen peas, tylenol and some water. We mostly spent the day laying around and watching tv.

It's hard to tell if she broke her nose. It's swollen and sore but not as badly bruised as we thought it would be. If she did break it there's nothing they can do unless her airway is obstructed, which it's not. She's acting fine with no signs of concussion.

So Jeremy did good. I think Daddy can handle these things too, but that's still no excuse for a Sunday morning hangover.

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LeeandLoren said...

Bwahahahahaha!!!! I'd say something else, but I just can't stop laughing! Jesus loves you, I love you, and it was a good Daddy/Daughter bonding experience.