Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookies in My Jar #6- a Snappy Ginger Snap

There was this song in Tessa's dance recital last year that I've been singing all morning. A snap, a snap, a snappy ginger snap.

We're headed to North Vernon tonight and I thought I'd take a holiday-like cookie. So this morning the girls and I made ginger snaps! Tessa kept asking when we make it into a house...she was obviously confuse about snaps vs. gingerbread.

This is a great cookie to incorporate the kid's help.

You roll them into balls and then roll the balls in sugar. They LOVED that part.

Tessa make the mistake of eating a big finger full of plain ginger. She spit it out and said "it's so SPICY!". Ooops. They did enjoy the finished product however.

Someone had sent me a ginger snap recipe but I couldn't find it so in a pinch I used this one from allrecipes.

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