Monday, November 01, 2010

Cookies in My Jar Batch #3- Jeremy's Request

Do you like my helper, drawing with his Magna Doodle on the floor? The other helper is playing with dolls in the other room.

This week I asked Jeremy to pick something. He's a little anxious about his sinus surgery on Wednesday so I thought some comfort food was in order. He looked online and finally settled on a recipe called "kitchen sink cookies". Basically they are like and oatmeal cookie but with chocolate, white chocolate and butterscotch chips.

The recipe also calls for pecans but since Mom will be here helping babysit I thought it would be best to you know....keep her alive.

I have everything I need. My radio on, iPad with recipe qued up and propped against the toaster.

One of my baking fears that I am trying to conquer is the mess. I am physically incapable of cooking without making a huge mess. When I cook, food winds up on the ceiling and between my toes. Seriously, there is dried blueberry smoothie on my kitchen ceiling. And lets not forget my tendency to hurt myself.

So to help calm the mess I bought these hand Rubbermaid thingies for sugar and flour. They are perfectly sized for a scoop. Scoop it out, close it up and you're done.

And after last week's mishap I finally got some quick oats too!

A few cookies in my second batch were underdone and seriously stuck to the pan. Just as I was getting ready to crumple up the foil and pitch them Jeremy came and salvaged himself some of the sticky mushy goodness. That's his bowl of goo.

Ta-da! Kitchen Sink cookies in the jar for Jeremy! Here's the recipe link.


Marcie said...

We have GOT to make or get you a stand for your iPad.

Eva said...

Have you tried chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies? It's tastes like fudge with oatmeal. They're yummy!