Monday, November 01, 2010

Trick or Treating 2010

If you're looking to this post for good pics of my two kids together in costume or maybe even all of us as a family, you've come to the wrong place. There are very few good pictures here. Why?...simply put, the kids were TOO EXCITED for picture taking.

Well not Charley, he wasn't all that excited. In fact he would have been happy to stay home and watch Elmo. It seems like in general costumes kind of freak him out this year. He did NOT like dropping Tessa off at preschool last week and seeing all the little kids in costume. He had a death grip on me.

If you're looking for good costume pics, I refer you to my post about the Zoo Boo.

Our cohorts, the Reddicks. Look at baby Colin the pirate, with his Mommy pirate. Even big sister Olivia had a black and red spider dress. This family was way more coordinated!

How to get Dopey to wear his hat? Keep giving him candy and he'll forget it's there. He didn't even want to follow the girls to the first house until he found out they were giving out suckers. He grabbed and sucker and pointed straight for the stroller, he was done.

Colin the Pirate at 5 months, Charley the Dopey at 21 months

Tessa and Olivia were off in a flash. I think the most heard phrase of the night was "Tessa, no running"..."Olivia, you're too far away stop running!".

The menfolk took the baby boys back to the house to hand out candy, and the girls lasted about an hour in our neighborhood.

Until it got dark and cold and we came home to warm up, eat some treats and get a nice glass of milk.

When Tessa woke up she asked if she could trick or treat again and I told her Halloween was over. She was super upset and both Miss Cindy and I had to remind her of all the good seasonal things to come in Nov and Dec.

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