Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zoo Boo!

Last night we went to the "Zoo Boo" for the first time. We had plans to go last year but got rained out. They had all the exhibits open late plus trick or treating, decorations and giveaways. It was a lot of fun. Jeremy was just coming from a flight and met us there from the airport. We stayed until they started turning off the lights at 7:30 (btw walking past lion cages in the dark is kinda creepy)

When I asked Tessa what she wanted to be this year she said Snow White, her costume from last year. It's getting a little tight around the waist but otherwise still fits. So we fashioned Charley into a Dopey to go along with her. This is what they will be for Halloween next week.

Our Dopey was fashioned using a over sized green turtleneck, black belt, black tights and a purple hat made out of felt. I also slipped some big slouchy socks over his shoes.

Since Tessa's costume was a leftover and Charley's was Halloween cost= $15. Oh yeah.

Charley and Charlie Brown
One of the rare moments he had his hat on. It doesn't look all that perfect up close but I figure since he's only going to throw it on the ground anyway, who cares?

Snow White loved petting sharks and looking at the giant spider. That's my girl. She likes bugs.

They got on the carousel and surprise! went backwards. For the Zoo Boo they call it the "round go merry"

For the record, Jeremy was informed that was NOT a bear in front of them, but a yeti. Duh!

I told Jeremy peanut butter is good for your hair

Snow White and Dopey raced the cheetah. Charley's got 6 inches before the imaginary cheetah tackled him.

Shortly after this Tessa fell off a park bench and conked her head pretty good. She's fine but has a bump. She was consoled with some strawberry ice cream just before the night was over.

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