Friday, October 01, 2010

Pollywog in a Bog

I have mentioned on here before that I am a super fan of the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies. I love them almost as much as my family, gnarly pumpkins and guitar hero. Almost.

I've also mentioned before how super awesome their kid's album "Snacktime" is. Why more popular artists don't do kid's albums, I have no idea (thank you also Jason Mraz).

And lastly you know we are a music family. Even though Jeremy don't really play any instruments other than plastic electronic ones, we do sing. That's how we met actually. Choir partners....awww :)

So when we are home I really do have music going all day. Basically if the tv is not on, the Ipod is. The kids hear all kinds of music from Opera to Christian Rock to Eminem (with ample amounts of filtering)

And one of my favorite favorite things to play is what they call the 'frog song' from the Snacktime album. I dedicate this also to my friend Melissa who uses this song to teach her elementary kids about frog life cycles. How can you resist this? It's like musical crack.

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Jersey Mama said...

We love this album! We always sing the popcorn song when we're making it. :p