Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cookies in the Jar- Batch #1

A couple of weeks ago I solicited cookie recipes to start a new project. I bid on this great antique green glass cookie jar on Ebay. Only $12.99! And I hope to make cookies once a week to feed the family with.

The kids (and babysitting kids) enjoy the occasional treat and I guess I thought it would be better to give them a real cookie made from fresh homemade (and mostly organic) ingredients than something from a package. A seemingly crazy idea, but also doable.

My second goal here is to overcome my fear of baking. Everyone knows that Jeremy is the executive chef around here, but I am the day laborer...cranking out all of the every day meals after he puts on a big show for special occasions.

I don't mind cooking at all but baking has always escaped me. So many ingredients, so many steps. I cannot even count the times I have mis-measured something and screwed up the whole batch.

Last year I became owner of my first hand mixer and discovered life could be alot easier than I thought. I wondered if baking could actually be enjoyable?

Indeed it can be, as long as I don't over think it. I am starting simple with easy recipes using my hand mixer, new sparkly cookie sheet and scoop thingy. There's nothing to be scared of. Baby steps...

So this will be an ongoing thing on the blog. My weekly cookies. Friends have given me so so many recipes! This week I started simple with Mamaw's peanut butter cookies. The bonus being that I already possessed all the ingredients.

Now to the extra hard part of this challenge. I hope not to eat many, if any of these cookies. Not that they are not super tasty, but my waist line just can't take it. I have to think of them as for the kids. I'll admit I'm kind of excited about packing one in Tessa's preschool lunch tomorrow.

For the kids....and well, also the husband who has already enjoyed three.

If you want Mamaw's PB cookie recipe, check out her blog. Yes my Mamaw is hip and cool enough to have a blog. Love that lady.

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phasejumper said...

They look great! I'm making toffee apple cookies this week!