Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet Nightime Moments

Jeremy and Tessa sitting on the front porch 'watching the sun go to sleep'.

That is something that her and I do from time to time now that the sun goes down at about 7:30, then she heads to bed. Daylight savings is certainly going to mess up our routine. Jeremy's been trying to get more involved in these night time rituals. Since he is gone so much, when he is home she almost always wants ME to put her to bed, which kinda sucks. But I understand, she's used to our routine.

Our routine, by the way, is getting more and more drawn out as she gets older. Charley...I just hug him, say a prayer and lay him down. Done. I remember the good old days when Tessa was like that. Now she wants stories, books, songs, animals, drinks, hugs, prayer, another prayer, a singing prayer and oh more potty!

I don't mind doing those things but I have to eventually put a stop to it or we'll be there all night. I've concocted this whole story about how God send angels when you're sleeping who bring you your energy. They only come once you're quiet and on your pillow. Sometimes I'll pretend to hear them or see them outside. Or I'll tell her we have to HURRY cause they're in Charley's room. She knows that without energy she can't go to school or do dance or any of those things.

It works pretty well but some nights she still does the whole 'I don't want to go to bed' thing. I've always been the type to shut the door and walk away, and I still am. After 20 min of bedtime routine she'll start asking for ONE MORE...animal, drink, hug...and eventually I say "nope, no more...goodnight" and shut the door. Once in a while there are loud protests.

I'm horrible and mean I know, but also tired in my own right. And I always thought there was something to be said for kids who can soothe themselves in their room alone.

I've wondered if I were a working Mom who missed their kids all day if I would be more inclined to cuddle and rock and everything, for extra bonding time. But after 12+ hours with the kids I'm usually ready to hang it up and do something adult like watch DVR'd episodes of House, paint my nails and linger on facebook. Ahhh, the sweet life.


Anonymous said...

bedtime is bedtime no matter who you are :) We get loud protests sometimes too. no door, but we shut the kid gate.

BrookZ said...

Nope I am a working Mom who is also horribly mean and does not put up with delaying the bedtime or naptime routine! Stand strong- we will raise better kids- in my opinion! :)

Carrie said...

I am a working Mom and I cuddle my littlist one to sleep still. I did with Vicki too. It is my special time of day with them... and they will still grow up to be wonderful kids. It's all about the love, regardless of what time of day you do it. Bedtime is what you make it.