Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Trip to the Lake

This weekend we took another trip to the lake, for the last time of the year before it is closed up. The kids were pretty lucky, getting to go three times this summer (we had planned four but oh well)

It was too cold to swim and the boat is already out of the water, so all our fun took place on land.

This is how we travel. Two kids and two dogs in the back for 3.5 hours. Yes there will be crying...but hopefully not much.

(If you're wondering why we have three's a babysitting thing, not a growing family thing)

Be careful when taking this kind of picture because you may just drop the camera on the three year old's face. Oops.

We lounged

We did some leaf art

Tessa requested to make a leaf snake

Charley requested to stand on top of the table and divebomb us with crayons

Our leaf collage that we made for Gramaw

We sat on the deck and 'hugged' each other

We swept up leaves and made a big pile

We rode the whale and played with sticks

We watched Lion King for the first time and loved it

We took in the fall foliage

Mommy wore her new favorite pair of shoes (yes they are men's but also awesome)

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phasejumper said...

Love the leaf pictures-and the comfy shoes! What great memories your kids will have! I wondered about the car seat, too. I just thought it was some new "traveling-with-a-canine-thing" that I didn't know about....