Monday, October 11, 2010

Walker Races at Gramaw's

While we were up north at the lake this weekend, we also got some good visiting in with Gramaw. On Saturday she came up to the lake and when we took her home, the kids got to visit her apartment building and be admired by many.

The kids were seriously curious about some of the walkers in the hallway and Gramaw's neighbor, Irene, suggested they go for a ride and even do some racing. What fun! (this after I told Tessa she had to be quiet and not run in the hall....boy was I wrong about this place)

The kids seriously could have raced walkers for hours. They took turns pushing and sitting on the seat.

Neighbor Irene went for several laps

Gramaw with two of her five great-grandchildren

(excuse the blurriness of these photos...taken with Jeremy's phone)

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