Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peas and Carrots

Watching a movie (probably Ponyo) and enjoying some popcorn together

I love it that as Charley gets older the kids are becoming closer and closer. Tessa really is a protective and loving big sister. Most of the time when she gets rough it's because she's trying to hug or tickle him to death.

He follows her everywhere and often repeats what she says. When she's at preschool, he doesn't prefer to play with toys by himself or watch a show. He'd rather cling to my leg and wait for her to come home.

They get a piece of candy each day they behave well at preschool and often Tessa saves hers to give to Charley. Yesterday she ate half an M&M and proudly presented the slobbery melted other half to him upon our arrival. Maybe that's why he's always anxious to go get her?

This morning we were trapped at the dentist office for an extra 45 min during a big storm and blackout and they entertained themselves so well just running circles around tables and chairs and stopping to tickle each other. I just thought...look at these peas and carrots (5 min later they were fighting over a toy, but still)

I hope that they'll always be friends. I was always friends with my brother, even though we're not exactly cut from the same mold. He was always nice to me and hopefully visa versa.

I hope Charley can give Tessa's future husband 'the talk' that Jeremy recieved. You know the one....if you ever hurt my sister, I will hunt you down....That's every brother's rite of passage right? And Tessa will look out for her brother in a loving and motherly way, occasionally hitting him with a shovel, like Jeremy's older sister.

And I hope they'll love each other all the more as they get older. I hope, I hope.

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BrookZ said...

I feel the same about my girls, I love seeing them become friends, it makes me teary eyed somedays!!