Sunday, October 17, 2010

Give a Man a Power Drill

A few years ago we planted some grapevines. I suggested we plant ONE vine on our 5th anniversary, you know to symbolize our love and all the mushy stuff. My one vine idea has spiraled into...

A mini- vineyard! Jeremy's been building this arbor all weekend. He schedule sinus surgery for November 3rd, so now he's in a mad rush to get this finished before then.

I will admit that I'm a little overwhelmed by the size of this thing. We he said grape arbor, I was thinking a little smaller. But I need to realize that next year the grapes will be growing across the top beam and it will be really pretty. It will also be stained a reddish brown to match our fence.

Our grapes are four vines of Cabernet Franc. We planted eight starts in the spring of 08, and four have survived and thrived. This year we got our first signs of fruit, but not much. Mostly enough for Tessa and Rachel to snack on while playing outside.

Are we hoping to make wine?...well ideally yes, assuming the grapes continue to thrive. But I'm pretty sure operating a winery out of our house is against our homeowner's covenants.

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Daniella said...

oh how cool! And cab franc is my absolute favorite wine!!!