Thursday, October 14, 2010

Naptime Creation

Not all of our garden did well this year because of the drought, heat and bugs...but we did get lots of herbs, tomatoes and garlic.

I've always wondered about using the herbs in some other way than food and since we have a TON of rosemary and sage, and frost is soon on the horizon, I decided to try soap making.

It was surprisingly easy. Oh yes I will be making lots more soap. I decided to do glycerin because the other types of soap (lye, etc) seemed more complicated. While Tessa was in preschool today and Charley was napping, this is what I did.

I had dried a big bundle of rosemary, bought some glycerin, lavender oil and a muffin tin at Hobby Lobby, which has become Tessa's favorite store.

The recipe I had said to 'pulverize' the rosemary and add hot water to make a tea of sorts. I think it looks more like pond scum. I then added 3 tsp of lavender oil.

Melted some glycerin with a purple crayon. We have some old pots in the garage that were slated for Goodwill but I've claimed this one to be my soap pot.

It had a nice lavender hue until I added the pond scum, so now my soap is brown. But it smells amazing as does the whole house.

I had enough for two muffin tins and three ramekins. When these are done molding I'm going to pop them out and make another batch tonight, cause I still have lots of pond scum left.

This is one of the ones from the ramekin. It smells amazing! Not bad huh?

Yes I think everyone can look for soap in their Christmas gifts this year. I have about 4x more rosemary before I try sage and citrus soap. Lookout Bath and Body Works!


Jenny said...

I'm so jealous that you made that with your garden rosemary! So stinking awesome!

phasejumper said...

Very crafty!