Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Toy For...Mommy?

Last night we were living on the edge. We dropped the babysitting kids home at 5 and met Erin at Target shortly thereafter. Since we were hungry I drove through Wendy's and got the kids cheeseburgers and a chicken sandwich for myself.

They ate their cheeseburgers while we shopped and gabbed (and oggled at Aviana, now 7 months old!) If only I had my camera to capture Charley's ketchup saturated face as he tried to grab items off the shelf.

One of those items is my new favorite thing. Erin introduced me to them and I had to get two. Why two?...because they harmonize!

Seriously the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. This morning Tessa wouldn't share one with Charley and I threatened to take them away and play with them myself.

After dinner in the cart, the kids got introduced to Icees and Charley got his first Cheetos thanks to Erin. Cheetos are apparently baby crack and we basically owe her a bag.

Then they both fell asleep on the 5 minute drive from Target to our house. I'm thinking Erin and I really should plan to do this more often. One drawback was that they got morning baths today (because they were both desperately dirty) and Charley took his VERY large morning constitutional in the bath water. Bonus though, now I have a clean tub.

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Stephany said...

Ok those things are way creepy!