Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Full House

Last night the worship band from our church had a party at our house. Lots of fun, lots of kids, and insane amounts of food. Jeremy has been singing with the worship band for some time now, but I have recently joined the group as well as our good friend Allison.

This is the greatest group of people and we love to open up our house. I guess it's fair to say we like to host parties...showers...meetings...birthdays...Mary Kay and Pampered Chef shows. We like having people in our house.

When we moved into our house it felt SO BIG. All of the things we owned at the time fit nicely into our living room...leaving the rest of the 3100 square feet empty. It was barren and overwhelming.

But I kept thinking, eventually we will fill it up. Dogs, kids, family, friends. One day this house won't be so cold and empty. Funny how nicely God has brought that to fruition for us.

A big pot of jambalaya. I didn't even know Jeremy knew how to make this until yesterday. How could he have been hiding this from me? Luckily there are leftovers.

sandbox fun with their friend Katie

One of my favorite people, Marcie. She makes cute dolls, and pretty cute babies too.

We have mastered the art so joining the kitchen table with a card table and covering the whole thing with an extra long table the illusion of one giant table.

See I told you she made cute babies, there's one of them

That's Olivia wearing one of Tessa's dresses. They had a good time ransacking her closet and playing dressup.

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