Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sick Days

The best laid plans...well I guess they just don't always work out. Our plan for Labor Day weekend was to go up the lake with my brother Andy's family. But illness kept us home bound.

I had a sinus infection starting on Wednesday and just about the time I got antibiotics coursing through my veins, the rest of the family came down with a stomach virus. Without being too gross let me just say, lots of diapers have been used and there's a new green stain on our carpet.

Jeremy and I got it too but not as bad as the kids. Luckily for me I only had one day (that I'm trying to forget) where my two illnesses overlapped. Our illnesses have kept us home for a few days, so we've watched lots of movies and found other ways to keep entertained. Really it wasn't too bad...

Charley's been super cuddly which is nice cause he's usually such a monkey. We got lots of good lap time.

Tessa let me practice french braiding some more and one night slept with three in her hair so she could have super curly hair the next day.

She's also been playing with her little purse full of coins (when Charley's not around). She counts them and stacks them, and luckily has not yet learned about greed...easily sharing quarters with Josh and Rachel.

We got outside a little, because the weather has been perfection. One of our three veggie gardens got attacked by little yellow bugs, after being attacked by mold earlier this year. Sadly our watermelon plant is being eaten alive, but not before producing us one nice melon.

You know you're sick when you get to eat ice cream in your pajamas.

And lastly, our newest hobby....our friends Allison and Ryan introduced us to a game called Rock Band last week. I guess we didn't know about it cause we don't really play video games. We have a PlayStation that we got for free that has only been used to play DVDs until a few days ago.

It's sooooo much fun! You can play guitar, drums or sing along with well known rock or pop songs. You get rated by your accuracy and if you can't keep up, you fail the song and the whole band depends on you.

We usually rotate but I really like all three. Of course I'm drawn to singing the most. It's like in home karaoke with scores!!
I'm not as good on guitar as Jeremy but he's not as good on vocals, so together we make a fine pair. I'm constantly striving to get a 100% score on vocals but so far have only succeeded on two songs....I am the Walrus, and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Channeling my inner Kurt Cobain?

Tessa also played her first computer game today on and really liked it. After some time spent doing that and playing Rock Band I had to shew her and Jeremy outside to ride bikes so we don't become complete and total gaming hermits.


BrookZ said...

I love Tessa's curly hair, glad to hear you are feeling better! It's no fun when everyone it sick. Also glad you are enjoying your new games!

phasejumper said...

Love the picture of you with the guitar and Tessa's curly hair (as kids, we would sleep in braids or curlers the night before Easter).