Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Fun Day

Y'all know I'm a sucker for Fall, and this year is no different. I love the smells, leaves, sweaters...everything. I wish I were more of a football fan cause I also love the all the pageantry and excitement of a game (but when the game starts I usually fall asleep).

The weather lately has not been very fall-like at all and I'm resisting the temptation to complain and complain. I mean TWO record high days last week, really?

Anyway, we're finally on the down swing of all that according to the local weather man. So yesterday we had a perfect fall day.

Dad was teaching in Indy so he dropped Mom off in the morning and she helped us do one of the things she does best, garden. We trimmed and pulled and the kids pitched in.
Apparently there were some rusty metal things on the windows that needed painting. Looks like an excuse to get on the ladder if you ask me. And can we please take note that he used one of our favorite kid's cup to hold his oil base paint? Men.

We also planted some mums.
During nap time we got Mom to play Rock Band with us and wouldn't you know I didn't get a picture! Dang it! Mom, I think you have to take a sick day this week and come play with us again, you know for historical integrity. By the way people, she is good.

After naps, Dad joined us and we all headed to our favorite pumpkin place in Martinsville. It's just a small family farm but we've gotten into the tradition of going there every year because their prices are great and the setting is perfect for fall last year's and the year before.

Once we got there we saw the sign that said they opened in October, boo hoo! What can't they plan the pumpkin growing schedule around our calendar? Maybe I can blame the weather again. We will head back there soon but picked up a couple of little pumpkins on the way home since Tessa was so looking forward to it.

When we got home, Jeremy helped the kids paint their pumpkins while I made dinner which was pretty easy because we had a chicken on the smoker all day. I don't know what's better about the smoker...the food or the burning wood smell.

These flowers just make me happy. A $4.99 purchase that brightens my mood and kitchen (with ornamental grass from the backyard for fun)

I like gnarly pumpkins. The gnarlier, the better.

As I type this I hear Jeremy watching the Colts game on the TV. We are not sports fans by any means, so I can only assume he's doing this to uphold his man card in Central Indiana and further celebrate fall.

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