Monday, September 06, 2010

Makes My Day

Today we got out of the sick bay and went down to North Vernon to visit the fam and check out the Labor Day antique festival. We scored a couple of big items there last year but weren't really shopping today, just browsing and getting fresh air.

One thing I couldn't resist though, was the artisan who had jewelry all made out of old spoons and forks, melted and molded. I wanted to buy everything but settled on a fork bracelet. Isn't it cool?

I LOVE it! Just because she was nice the lady offered us this tiny spoon bracelet for Tessa for free. Even better!

After many miserable days home sick (and still not quite up to par), this just makes my day.


TLS said...

Love this picture!!! Something you will treasure when Tessa is all grown up!!

Marcie said...

I love it! Got my creative juices going . . . .